Sonar 8, Lexicon Lambda and MOTU midi express XT

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Sonar 8, Lexicon Lambda and MOTU midi express XT

Post by pibroch1 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:24 pm

First time post here. Sorry if this has been address before but my search attempts yielded no results. I have Dell XPS 420 quad core PC running Cakewalk Sonar vs 8 controlled by external midi controllers routed through the MOTU Midi Express XT into Lexicon Lambda audio interface. This system keeps dropping the drivers and my external controllers go dead without warning. I can't decipher what is causing this problem because it is so unpredictable. Sometimes it will all just 'start' working and will work for a few days, then go out again. It is very aggrivating, particularly when it happens during a live performance or recording session. The midi express XT still shows midi information is being transmitted when I play keys on one of the controllers but the info doesn't seem to be making it through the Lambda and into Sonar. Sometimes by reinstalling ALL the drivers (for the Lambda and midi express) it will fix the problem but not always. I think the problem lies elsewhere but am at a loss as to where to look. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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