Exported AudioSnap clips don't sound good

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Exported AudioSnap clips don't sound good

Postby sound » Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:12 am


If I AutoSnap enable an audio clip or loop and then "Bounce to Track" or "Export audio", the exported or bounced audio sounds fine. No problem there.

.... but if I make any changes that result in the AudioSnap enabled clip being stretched (Like groove quantize or Auto Stretch with a tempo change), the clip sound fine in Sonar but if I "Bounce to Track(s)" or "Export Audio", the sound quality of the bounced or exported clip sounds noticeably worse than it did in Sonar.

I tried all the variations of settings in the "Bounce to Tracks" and "Export Audio" dialog boxes. The AudioSnap clips always sound worse when I listen to bounces tracks or exported audio than they sound in Sonar when I play back the original AutoSnap enabled clips.

Note: I tried using TapeIt (a plugin that records the output of a track to a wave file) to record the track that had an AudioSnap enabled Groove Quantized wave and the wav file produced by TapeIt sounded just fine. Why can't Sonar produce similar results for exported audio?

I just want to able to bounce or export what i am hearing in Sonar for the AudioSnap files. I groove quantize a drum loop using AudioSnap and it sound great in Sonar, but after bouncing or exporting it doesn't sound as good.

Any explanations would be helpful.
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Re: Exported AudioSnap clips don't sound good

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