Can HS04 be used with a video editing program

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Can HS04 be used with a video editing program

Postby amuso » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:17 am

Hi, I haven't been to this forum for ages, just re-registered because couldn't remember my old password/username hopefully I'm not the only one with CWHS04 everyone else here is Sonar.

I'm guessing that my software, being an audio editor would not be able to be used in conjunction with a video editing program but maybe somebody here knows otherwise and maybe there's a free or cheap program they can tell me about. I've just started using ULead movie factory.

Is there anything such as a multi-purpose program made by Cakewalk ie.. that does both audio and video editing that I might be able to upgrade or change with my HS04?

Thanks in advance for anyone who might have a solution :P
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Re: Can HS04 be used with a video editing program

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