VST softsynth triggered BEFORE MS GS Wavetable - Very Odd!

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VST softsynth triggered BEFORE MS GS Wavetable - Very Odd!

Postby thepcguy » Sun May 09, 2010 7:32 pm

Greetings to all...

I've spent the last week rebuilding and reinstalling my DAW and thought all was good until today. Now I know I need help.

I have a very odd latency problem.

My GS Wavetable sounds are being triggered after VST instruments.
I set up a test song with just 3 tracks with sounds on the quarter note.
Track 1 is a stick sound using the MS GS Wavetable
Track 2 is a copy of Track 1 with the output set to a softsynth (Addictive Drums) and
Track 3 is the Audio track for Addictive drums.
(In other words I am using midi to trigger the audio track on tracks with 2 & 3.)

I'm no stranger to latency problems but this is different to what I've encountered before. The Synth sounds are ahead of the standard MS Wavetable sounds.
That just doesn't seem to add up. From previous experience it is usually the other way around. Even common sense tells me that it should be the other way around (but then again... it's common sense that tells me that the World is flat!).
Can anyone suggest what might be going on?

I'm using:
Sonar 8.5 PE with E-Mu 0404 PCI Card
Playback Timing Master is set to E-MU ASIO Output
Record Timing Master is set to E-MU ASIO Input
ASIO driver is set to 5ms ASIO Buffer Latency
(Note: Am having no apparent audio latency problems with guitar, bass or vocal input. Have tried Options>Global>Midi>"System Exclusive Number of Buffers" at 16 and 32 (instead of the usual 64) with no joy.)

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: VST softsynth triggered BEFORE MS GS Wavetable - Very Odd!

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