Sonar 2 XL Initialization Problem

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Sonar 2 XL Initialization Problem

Postby Turd Ferguson » Wed Oct 22, 2003 2:06 am

OK, the long and short of this is, Installed Sonar 2 XL, both with updates and without several times, and the dang thing will not start....gets to the identifying WDM drivers on the system and then the executable just fades away. I am using Cubase SX as well, a lot of plugins, but I DID try it on a fresh OS install with Sonar as the ONLY app installed. No plugins. NADA. My setup is as follows: Windows xp sp1, Athlon XP 2600+, 1.5 GB DDR RAM, Mobo is Aopen AK778XN, latest BIOS flash installed. M-Audio 1010LT card with latest drivers. At one time Sonar did work but not anymore. Please help me. Thank you. Very much. I mean it. Really. PLEASE?
Turd Ferguson
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Re: Sonar 2 XL Initialization Problem

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Postby GretscGuy » Wed Oct 22, 2003 8:24 pm

Several Questions:

1- You said Cakewalk was installed and worked fine before. When you uninstalled it, did you delete the registry keys? It may be starting and ending becasue of confusion in the registry (this happened to me in PA9/W2k)

2- Have you downloaded any warez or other non-authorized programs? Several of the warez sites are distributing versions that run well for a few weeks, then start changing file extensions at random. If a .dll has become a .doc you would experience a similar problem.

It sounds like either a registry problem or a virus issue to me. If #2 above is true I would advise doing a clean install. Also, do a three fingured salute in xp and check the processes tab. If you download a lot of songs, players, taskbars, etc... (or someone else does) you may be running all kinds of wierd services that are draining your cpu.

My general rule of thumb is to know what everything in my registry and program files folder is and what it does. When this wierdness that you describe starts happening, that's generally where the problem is.

Good luck!
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