Note Names don't persist upon reopening a project

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Sonar X1D

I created custom Note Name lists in the Master.ins file using the Instrument definitions dialog. I use my custom Note Names so that when when I work In Piano roll view.I can see drum sounds names or key switches in the left panel where the Piano layout normally is.

I use the custom note names for Soft Synths.

The problem is that, if I select various note name lists for different track in PRV and then save the project, when I reopen the project,the Piano Roll View reverts back to the Diatonic list for all tracks, which is the default Piano Keyboard layout.

Is there a way to make my custom Note Names stay put in Piano Roll View.

Thanks for any help with this.

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Unfortunately, I cannot duplicate this issue so I have no suggestions. Let's see if someone else can chime in.

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