Crackling Playback- Soundcard Suggestion

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Crackling Playback- Soundcard Suggestion

Post by laiho11 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:58 pm

Hi everyone.i have been using sonar x1 for some time now.however during playback the sound sometimes starts cracking and stays like that with fuzzy can hardly hear anything,it does not happen everytime i playback but still happens alot.i am using hp g70246us laptop with windows 7 32 bit.the laptop is 4 years old and wasnt very expensive when i bought it.the soundcard is default i.e basic smart audio. i dont know too much about it but people told me it is because of the inferior sound card as it is outdated. i am thinking of using an external sound card.can anyone recommend a good quality usb sound card or any other solution.

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