Unable to stretch time with sonar 3

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Unable to stretch time with sonar 3

Postby jzucker » Sat Nov 22, 2003 2:35 pm

I'm trying to stretch a very short clip (5 seconds) to 50% keeping the pitch intact using the Cakewalk->Time/Pitch Stretch command. It gives gets all the way to the end of the progress bar and tells me there is not enough storage to complete the command. I have 33GB of free disk space!!!!

I'm running Win XP Pro, SP1, 1GB memory, 1.8ghz processor, 33gb free disk space.

Any help would be appreciated...

Re: Unable to stretch time with sonar 3

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not enough storage

Postby spinkick » Sun Apr 04, 2004 7:55 am

I'm having the same problem applying Audio FX from sonic foundry

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