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Post by Jamesf89 » Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:44 pm


I'm having real trouble with Sonar x2 essential.

I have used it for a year and it has been great but recently I've experienced a couple of issues...

The first one is not a huge deal - I'm wishing to record an audio source using two microphones.

My pre amp levels are showing that it recognizes the two inputs but the right in put is not showing up in Sonar. I have tried changing one of the tracks to just the right mic as an input and also as a stereo but no success.

The second issue is a bit more of a problem...I am experiencing very bad clipping and crackling when recording even when my pre amp is even slightly overloaded. This has never been an issue before and I have looked over all forums and FAQ pages to try and sort it.

For example, I could play the bass plugged straight into my pre amp, a guitar with the amp mic-ed up or record a vocal take and they all sound great. However, the points where the pre amp is slightly overloaded, it creates an extremely bad crackle. This has never been the case before and I'm not really sure what's happened.

I have disabled sound cards, anti-viruses, Wi-Fi, recorded and played back with all combinations of buffer size, sampling rate, and playback and recording sizes but I've not had any luck. All plug ins are working great and not producing this horrible clipping. I even experienced it when recording a clean, quiet valve guitar amp which has never caused issues before.

Would you be able to help me with this?

My Sonar is a 64 bit edition and I'm using an HP compag laptop which was bought last year and is really up to speed.

Please let me know as I would really appreciate this!

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Post by Longlestex » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:16 am

I have more information about the issues that you mentioned.

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