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Distortion when using loops

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:25 pm
by The Cosmic Lawnmower
Hi - I'm a newbie to the forum, I'm a user of HS6 with the dreaded Vista.

Recently I suffered a hard-drive crash and after getting it repaired and loading Sonar back onto my pc I am sufferering with distortion when using WAV loops, when previously I had no problems.
The distortion is of the type that sounds like a speaker buzzing/flapping when it is overloaded whenever audio input is applied, i.e. a drum beat etc.
I'm guessing this is down to recording levels, but I'm not quite sure how to adjust this when not using an interface or instrument, prior to my pc crashing loops just seemed to able to be imported and automatically be at the correct level.

Any advice welcolme.

Many thanks