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Post by johnykrekan » Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:01 pm

Hello, I have some questions regarding accessibility of sonar x3:
1. As a blind musician, I have used Sonar v8.2 under WINXP, where there were lots of keyboard shortcuts and also scripts for popular screen reading software (like JAWS or NVDA).
When I tried sonarX3 under Win7 64 bit, menus are quite accessible but some general shortcuts have different meaning.
For example:
When I wanted to record a MIDI track in Sonar 8:
1. I created a new project (CTRL+n) , then I used insert soft synth, where I chose VST instrument whichi I used to record something. Latter I pressed Shift+f10 which I used to display the menu with options like ARM, which I used to arm the currently selected track. Then I used Record (from menu transport) to record and then stop to stop the recording. When I wanted to play the recorded tracks I hit spacebar to start playback.
What Should I do to do same thing in Sonar X3? When I tried the same shortcuts they don't work. What Am I doing wrong?
2. My second question: Which is the first version of Sonar which support 64 bit operation (I don't mean 64 bit double precision engine but allocating more than 4 gb of memory for the runing sonar process?)
Thank you in advance for your advices
Johny Krekan

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Post by Kinglandwa » Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:27 am

I believe it has to be something that I felt was right, of course.

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