First time trying to get a guitar to sound in SONAR Professi

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Hi Folks.
I am a new user to the new and improved SONAR but have used the old versions of the day up until 6 years or so ago but finally set up my home audio studio and have had a few snags but did get thru them. Can anyone tell me, from start to actually playing, how to get my guitar to sound on the inserted audio track through the chosen amp modeling?

I've inserted an audio Track 1, and directly under the [Track 1 ] hi-lited window is the dull grey window with the TH2 SONAR Guitar amp modeling plug in I chose with the Randal Head and cabinet using a couple of mics.

I get the dry guitar though my monitors but no amp models. I tried using some effect but again, got no signal passing through them either.

Again, I'm new at this and really could use the help folks. Dry electric does have a place now and then, but not many. I will try recording the dry electric so I can have two hands free to experiment with trial and error but any help to dial me in quicker would be muchly appreciated.

Thank you,
Teak :?

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