Getting correct beats per measure and beat 1 sync'ed.

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Post by clegs » Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:56 pm

I have Sonar Professional and imported a number of 24 track songs that were recorded outside of Sonar. All were successfully imported and I have been recording etc., successfully.

The problem: I have a 4/4 quarter note click track at 120 BPM an the drums, etc., tempos are solid) but Sonar is interpreting it as 60 in 4/4 time. With the BPM being interpreted by Sonar at half the value, the messures are messed up for logical snapping to grid, cutting and pasting, etc. I've tried a number of things per the manual, etc., but am stabbing in the dark and they haven't worked. Any suggestions? Detailed suggestions hopefully.

Also related to the problem above: I have another song where the 1 beats of the 4/4 measures are off (at beat 2 or 3, I can remember now) but this is just in the first 1/3 of the song. In need to correct the alignment of all the tracks so Sonar is reflecting the measures correctly. In addition, the BPM appears to be off just like in the first song example. Any suggestions?

PS - I tried the Calkwalk help line and they weren't very helpful, had to do some research, they didn't get back to me. It was suggested that Melodyne could be used in the solutions.

Thanks for your help.

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