N00b question - Beat Mixing in Sonar 3 Producer

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N00b question - Beat Mixing in Sonar 3 Producer

Postby paulmon » Wed Nov 26, 2003 4:23 pm

Hi everyone,

I am currently evaluating Sonar 3 Producer and what I would like to do bring in to MP3 track with varied BPM's. For example track 1 is 139 and track 2 is 128. I have created a project and set the BPM for the project to be 135. I then import both tracks and then change the properties of each clip by selecting stretch to project tempo.

My first thoughts on the effect that this would have would be to modify the BPMs of both clips to 135.

However this doesnt appear to be the case.

Is it possible to set the BPM's of multiple clips to be the same to allow me to beatmix the clips.

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Re: N00b question - Beat Mixing in Sonar 3 Producer

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