Sonar 3 Power & Music Software Freebies

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Sonar 3 Power & Music Software Freebies

Postby garrigus » Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:26 am

Hi Everybody,

The 19th issue of my free music technology newsletter is now available. In this issue, you'll find some cool info about Cakewalk's new Sonar 3. You'll also find a great article about where to find some of the best free music software on the Web.

I also announce my new Sonar 3 Power book:

And for this issue's contest, I'm giving away free copies of the new Piano & Keyboard Method CD-ROM tutorial from eMedia! Here's more about what you'll find in this month's issue:

1. Scott's Notes - Sonar 3 Power, Sonar 3 CD-ROMs, and Smart Loops
2. DFreqCONTEST - eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method 1
3. DFreqDEALS - Smart Loops Sample Loop CDs
4. DFreqREVIEWS - eMedia Piano & Keyboard, Revolution 7.1 Surround
5. DFreqDISCUSS - Singing Instruction Suggestions
6. DFreqTOPIC - Sonar 3 Q&A (Part 1)
7. DFreqTOPIC - Music Software Freebies (Part 1)
8. DFreqTIP - Avoiding Clicks with Crossfading

You can get this issue for free, and have the chance to win the Piano & Keyboard Method CD-ROM, just go to:


Scott R. Garrigus - Author of Cakewalk, Sound Forge and Sound Forge 6, SONAR, SONAR 2 and SONAR 3 Power! books; Publisher of DigiFreq.
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Re: Sonar 3 Power & Music Software Freebies

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