Playing DXi's live in Sonar

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Playing DXi's live in Sonar

Postby uncaduncad » Fri Aug 15, 2003 6:22 pm

I'm running Sonar 2.2xl on a laptop using an Echo Layla Laptop 24/96 sound card. It has 1 midi in and 1 midi out as well as all the audio. I use a Yamaha KX76 for a master board. For live use, I basically have a Drum Loop that goes to the house and one to the drummer for click. Everything else, I play live, because we never know where a song may go. So at most a song in Sonar is 4 measures of loop repeated infinately or until i stop it! :). I use the following DXI's: NI's FM7 and B4 and rgc:Audio's z3ta+, Pentagon I, and Triangle II.
The KX76, of course will split and layer. The problem i'm having is even if i set, we'll say, the Pentagon on Layla Midi IN (Channel 1) and the FM7 on Layla Midi In (Channel 2) Sonar will only receive MIDI (live) on the Track that is highlighted.
Is there any hope? Thanks!

David Hoskins
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Re: Playing DXi's live in Sonar

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