Soooo lost....recording issues in sonar 2

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Soooo lost....recording issues in sonar 2

Postby » Thu Feb 26, 2004 12:45 am

Hello. I am having problems recording audio in Sonar 2.
Sonar itself, seems to work fine. I record midi data from the rewire (reason), and even the one synth I have connected (Yamaha Dx200). All great. The midi signal gets sent back, reason plays, the dx200 plays.

Here's the issue i am having:

I want to record the audio from Reason and from my synth to audio tracks. Mainly the synth because it only has one synth part to play, but so many great sounds. I can record multilple sounds as "clips" this way. I was able to set this up fine and even get a recording down.
Problem is, when I do this, the end playback recording sounds distorted, almost metallic. I don't think its a "double" echo sounding recording. I have the monitoring disabled, recording through my line in, pc is set to line in. Everything is fine. I have tried recording in Soundforge, and its fine. Sounds like the orginal from my synth before recording. So I don't think its my sound card or my pc. I can even send a sound clip if needed.

Heres my setup as of now:

laptop, Dell Inspiron 7500 P3, 700mhz, 20 gig HD, 192 RAM
midi controller, Quickshot Midi Composer
Midisport 2x2 usb midi interface
Yahmaha Dx200 Desktop Fm synthesizer
Behringer Eurorack MX 602a mixer
Reason ver. 1
Cakewalk Sonar 2
Standard sound card that came with laptop, ESS Maestro 2E

I am positive of all cable connections and what not. PLease help me!! :!:

Any response is greatly appriated :)

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Re: Soooo lost....recording issues in sonar 2

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That Laptop is not ideal...

Postby Axeman » Mon Mar 01, 2004 6:47 pm

I'm sure you have heard this a million times already, but that laptop, more particulary, that ESS sound chipset, is hardly and ideal platform for the kind of audio you are doing. Considering the performance hit you are taking with the laptop hard drive, I am suprised you are able to do as much as you described. If the "final" recording is coming out "off" I would venture to say the problem is probably with the laptop itself. Unless there is a level somewhere in Sonar that is clipping the signal, my educated guess would be the ESS subsystem of the laptop.

If you decide to upgrade later and want to sell that laptop (GRIN) let me know. I could use a faster one for my business. :wink:
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Well... Echo Indigo??

Postby » Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:01 pm

Unfortunly its what I have. I have been using it for some time now, maybe 4 years, and never had a problem. So maybe i'll try a new sound card. What about these PCMCIA audio cards I have seen? Echo indigo I think it was called. Could this solve my crappy sound chipset problem? I wish i could afford to get a new pc, but lifes like that. :) As for HD space, never been a issue yet. Got gigs of samples and what not, and it runs great :D ...knock on wood. Any help again would be great. Thanks all.

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Indigo is fine but....

Postby Axeman » Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:20 pm

The indigo sounds fine, but I would try to isolate the source of the problem BEFORE spending the money on it. The Indigo would certainly give you better output quality than the ESS system would, but again, until you isolate the true cause, you could just end up with better sounding metallic noise. If the indigo works the way I read it does though, you should be able to bypass the ESS system entirely. That may resolve it unless it is something in one of the music programs creating the anamoly.

Also, what I meant about the hard drive is the SPEED of the drive...not the size. Most likely it is a 5400rpm drive, which means it's throughput will be less than a 7,200rpm desktop drive of equal size. This means you will be able to run fewer simultaneous tracks in playback because the slower drive can only push so much information.

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Postby » Fri Mar 05, 2004 9:09 pm

Thanks alot Axeman. I still haven't found the problem, but am going to shell out the 150 and get a card. If it don't work, then.....i don't know :? .

Apprciate all help. Thanks again.

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