I have no audio from Sonar XL 2.2

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I have no audio from Sonar XL 2.2

Postby Trendkiller » Mon Mar 01, 2004 7:14 am

All computer audio works, But I cant hear anything from Sonar. (demos, recordings, nothing) I have a HP Media Center with a Soundblaster Audigy Live 5.1. I have 3 possible output selections for recorded stuff, but none give me any audio. Yes I have sound wave lines for what I've recorded, and yes I have tons of level showing during playback. Please help :(

Re: I have no audio from Sonar XL 2.2

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No sound

Postby ttelrocj » Tue Mar 09, 2004 11:42 pm

Do you have a multiple speaker set up by any chance?? I have a SB Live and for some reason, I can only hear sound when I have my speakers configured for stero (2 speakers only). I could swear at one point I had sound coming all four speakers, but I've gone through several equipment upgrades (except the sound card) and OS installs and I can't make it work. I've checked and re-checked all of my settings, but when I'm in 4 speaker mode, I see levels and everything but no sound. Switch to 2 speakers, and I hear everything (Except my surround sound panning which is what I want to hear anyway!!)

Soooooo, try setting your speaker config for two speakers (channels) only and see if that does anything.

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