Recording Vocals on sonar 3 producer

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Recording Vocals on sonar 3 producer

Postby emanuel » Mon May 31, 2004 9:16 pm

I can't seem to record vocals on this program. I hear the vocals coming out from my mic but nothing is recording on the program.

Re: Recording Vocals on sonar 3 producer

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Postby jack_the_ex-cynic » Tue Jun 01, 2004 2:40 am

i'm going to assume you mean vocals coming out of your speakers. the first thing you have to do is make sure the audio card you are using with sonar is set to record from the source your vocals are going into. for instance, if you are using the 'mic' input, then make sure your sound card is set to record from the 'mic' input, either using the sound card's mixer or windows (double click volume control, options, properties, recording, ok, select the input). then in sonar you need to make sure that the track input is set up to record from the sound card you are using.

you should see the level meter bouncing around on the track(s) you have armed for recording, otherwise there may be a problem (although sonar doesn't always display level changes when it is supposed to).
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