Problems keeping monitoring and input seperate

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Problems keeping monitoring and input seperate

Postby guest » Sat Oct 16, 2004 1:56 am

Ok, eversince I upgraded to XP from 98, all my monitoring gets recorded with my inputs. I've tried almost everything and keep emailing Cakewalk and M-Audio (I have a Delta 410). Cakewalk tells me its M-Audio's problem, and M-Audio tells me its Cakewalk's problem. As far as I can tell, my output and inputs are seperate and so is my monitoring channel. Has anyone had this problem? XP keeps stilling me that the 410 drivers are unstable so I thinking its a driver problem, but i have no way of knowing when their arent any up grades. I've got some work backing up that I need to get done and am not getting anywhere. Please help!!

Re: Problems keeping monitoring and input seperate

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