Can't reinstall Guitar Tracks Pro 3

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Can't reinstall Guitar Tracks Pro 3

Postby Chas » Fri Nov 26, 2004 6:30 pm

Hi, I'm new here. This site was highly recommended by a friend. This is one of those problems that always seems to come up on a long holiday weekend when there is no tech support to be found.

I installed a brand new legally purchased copy of Guitar Tracks on a Maxtor Firewire external hard drive in order to take advantage of the faster drive when using it on my laptop. The drive was defective and crashed. The drive will be replaced under warranty, but in the mean time, I am now trying to reinstall GT directly on my lap top. In the control panel of windows, I removed everything I could find related to Cakewalk but it keeps telling me it can't find some shared files on "drive E" which is no longer there. It then aborts the new installation.

How do I clear everything related to Cakewalk off my computer so I can start with a clean slate?

Thanx, hope someone can help


Re: Can't reinstall Guitar Tracks Pro 3

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