In Sonar 3.2 Audio is falling in and out of sync with Midi

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In Sonar 3.2 Audio is falling in and out of sync with Midi

Postby Jaugernaut » Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:28 pm

I have some rather lengthy tracks (15 minutes long) some of my vocal parts appear to slow(no pitch change) against the MIDI parts -so it seems to be some kind on latency problem - CPU seems OK, less than 20 percent.

Could it be my anti virus? There are no drop outs that I can tell, the audio just seems to kind of slow or speed up for no good reason. as I said, the songs are long, so some of the Audio parts get a bit large, but not THAT big! When I try to sync them back up they still tend to wander when it should be an exact match.

I mix down my music from Sonar to a stereo track and drop it on to my 8 track hard disk recorder and use it to lay down my vox parts, then I bounce the completed vocals back to a wav file and import into Sonar. It should be very simple to just sync the vocals back up with the music, but on longer pieces, it appears to be faster at some parts and slower at others, but the overall length is exactly right.

Any ideas? I could turn off my antivirus if that is a potential problem, but I really need this to work better. Are there any settings for latency that will cause more caching? Will that help?

anyone working with long songs? I have a 26 minute piece thatI'm really worried about once I start the vocal parts. Is this even going to work?

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Re: In Sonar 3.2 Audio is falling in and out of sync with Midi

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Postby andychap » Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:37 pm

I would say it is advisable to shut down any processes running in the background including AV software, when recording.

I've not much experience in this field but is there any reason why you can't record your vocals striaght into sonar and leave out the harddisc recorder. If it is a problem in that area you would eliminate it straight away.

I would think this is a question for the official Sonar Forum
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