recording Live instrument

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recording Live instrument

Post by daman » Fri Sep 02, 2005 2:50 pm

Hi I am new to cakewalk, I have the creative sound audigy platinum sound card, which has a line in(mic) input , when I plug my korg synth into it..I can HEAR it, thru my PC speakers...but when I try to RECORD it..NOTHING HAPPENS? I am using Cakewalk Music Creator 2004, I can import audi tracks from within my PC into the Multitrack window, and they play etc..but when I try LIVE recording NOTHING is recorded please help. Also I don't quite understand...the "select input, output questions" can also write me at

Re: recording Live instrument

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Post by andychap » Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:06 pm

In order to record a track you must first arm the track by clicking on the Arm button in the track view.

Select input should give you something like:

Left Creative Audio in L
Right Creative Audio in R
Stereo Creative Audio in.

These are the channels from your line in on the soundcard.

Recording on the Left Or Right channels records a mono track. Its not panned left or right it just means that you can record two different mono instruments at the same time. The stereo input is for obviosly recording an instrument with a stereo sound.

The output is obviously the channel to the line out on the soundcard.

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