Can't trim end of multitrack audio project

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Can't trim end of multitrack audio project

Postby opetero » Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:01 pm

This is in Sonar 4 P

I have a multitrack audio project in which I trimmed the start to get rid of the count in and deleted the hole to shift the clip point to the start of the project. I slip edited all the track ends to where I wanted the song to end and added pan envelopes. The audio stops ok but the project keeps running to about the time where it ended before deleting the hole at the start.

I tried everything I can think off to try to delete any data past where I want the song to end without getting rid of the extra 5 seconds or so.

Trimming the project worked once but it screwed up a bunch of slip edits and I would prefer to keep them in. Trimming the project subsequent times didn't screw up the slip edits but it didn't cut the silence.

I can trim the mix but I'd like to trim the multi-track as well.

It's probably something obvious I am missing. :(

Any ideas?

Thanks :)
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Re: Can't trim end of multitrack audio project

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