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bounce to tracks

Postby hamer » Wed Sep 20, 2006 10:58 pm

Hi..I am using pro audio 9......i have a midi that i have added a click track to......i now want to make all the midi tracks mono....i realize i can do this with bounce to track ...however it is greyed there a step by step for me to accomplish this in pro audio 9......

i know you are going to say create an audio track....ok how....arming etc...and do i arm the newly created audio track....i have looked for a complete tutorial on this but :roll: ..i am having no luck........

please help
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Re: bounce to tracks

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Postby HDB » Thu Sep 21, 2006 10:46 am

Not sure anyone understands what you want to do, and why.
You have MIDI tracks. You have a click track. You want it all to be on one track, and mono?

Do you want to play them as audio tracks, or do you still want them as MIDI tracks?
Why would you want a click track imbedded in the music? Most people would want that on a separate track so they could eliminate it later. Why do you want everything mono? If you still have only MIDI tracks, just make sure you have all the tracks panned center, and you don't use stereo patches. You may have to dig in to pan your drums all to center, individually, depending on if it's possible with your soundcard or whatever they are going through.
Why do you want everything mono? I guess if you were going to somehow use the tune through a PA as a mono backing track for live, that may make sense, but you can always just plug left and right in, and pan both to center for that. Maybe you're trying to save an input?

Perhaps what you really mean is you want to put all MIDI tracks on one track? To do that, save it as a MIDI 0 file. A MIDI 1 file has the tracks separated. If that's what you want, I'd suggest saving the original as MIDI 1, and creating the MIDI 0, so you don't have to separate them again later, if you want to tweak them. Also, a MIDI 0 file will still save pan positions, so it will still be stereo. And once it's stereo MIDI 0, you can't make it mono. You have to mono-ize it with the tracks separate.

Elaborate, please? Perhaps with more info, you will receive the answers you need.

Good luck,
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Postby hamer » Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:22 am

Thanx for the reply

I am now using is cakewalk music creator 3.....

for a live band scenario.....i am editing midi files....i want to pan the music one way....insert a click track and pan that the other way......

now i understand that if i use bounce to tracks ...then i can bounce the midi tracks over and also in mono...just to avoid any bleeding.....then i can export out to mp3 and use this live with keyboards out the mains and click for the drummer to keep time in the other channel...

my bounce to tracks is greyed out........

the sound device or card i am using is a tascam us-122

so far i have the midi tracks.......what do i do from here

i am new to this so i need step by step instructions if anyone is patient enough to help

thanx in advance
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Postby HDB » Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:45 am

First, perhaps just pan all the instruments to either the extreme left or right, then pan the click to the other.

Depending on what you are using for MIDI sounds (software synths, onboard MIDI sounds, etc.?) then you need to render them to audio or record them back into the computer. I don't know what Music Creator does, so this is just general. I think bounce to tracks may only work on audio files. So you may have different options to get the MIDI turned into audio.
If you do it track by track, then you could bounce those MIDI-turned-to-audio tracks down. If you simply premix the MIDI the way you want, then play it out and record it back in as audio, you wouldn't need to bounce. You'd simply record, say, the left as the mixed down MIDI sounds to audio, and the right as the click.

There are several ways to control the pan positions of the instruments once it is in the program. I find the easiest and most foolproof way is to go into the Piano Roll view for each track and perhaps wipe out any pan information. Just drag the eraser across the entire lentgh of the file. Then I'll go to the Event List Editor and insert, near the beginning of each track, a pan message for each track. (Pan is control #10, 0 is far left, 127 is far right). Actually at the very first of one track, usually the track that starts the latest, I'll also insert a GM or GS reset message to clear out anything. You'll want that before ANY other messages or notes occur so nothing plays or changes before it. You'll want enough time to let the entire sysex message occur before anything else starts.
That should ensure that everything responds the way you want, everything goes left that you want, and the click goes right. You may also notice that your mix has changed, but they may be because when you generated the MIDI tune, it was responding to previous MIDI info.
Then, perhaps, just render it or record everything to a stereo WAV or MP3 file, and you should be good.
There should be instructions on how to do MIDI to WAV in the manual or help files.

I may have missed something or got something slightly wrong, but hope this helped.

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bounce to tracks

Postby hamer » Sun Sep 24, 2006 9:32 pm

I have a tascam us-122 using cakewalk music creator 3...

i dont hear anything after i have bounced the midi tracks and audio track

when i go


on the general tab ...playback timing master is set to none....and that is the only choice

record timing master is blank and greyed out.....

on the drivers tab the input and out put are set for the tascam

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Postby hamer » Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:46 am

i ahve one more question.....i can hear all fine now

when i bring in a sounds great using the yamaha xg wdm soft synth

but when i add an audio track and use edirol then change my midi tracks to use edirol ....all of the sounds change and i cant seem to find the patches that sounded so good with the yamaha originally.....can i add the yamaha to the audio track???..because it is not an option on that track........
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