Guitar Pro 3 recoeding 'lags' after new hard drive

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Guitar Pro 3 recoeding 'lags' after new hard drive

Postby MikeH » Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:46 am

Dear all
Any thoughts/suggestions on this problem greatly appreciated.
Been using Guitar Pro 3 for about 12 months on my PC and no problems. Have just upgraded the hard drive as the old one was getting a bit noisy so was expecting if anything quicker processing and less drop out when using Amplitube in real time, but..........! New hard drive in and set everything up no problems - until I try to record any length of track. For example if I play a guitar or bass for a couple of minutes everything sounds OK and in time during recording, but on play back the back end of the recording starts to slip out of time from the drum track I have recorded over! So, first few bars in time then a slow shift to being out of time!

Hard Drive is 250GB
Two times 512DDR memory
Audigy platinum pro sound card

Like I say all was well until I put the new hard drive in!

Any help appreciated before the PC ends up on the garden lawn.

Cheers Mike H :roll:
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Re: Guitar Pro 3 recoeding 'lags' after new hard drive

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