saving homestudio to two harddrives

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saving homestudio to two harddrives

Postby tinylittlelifeform2 » Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:58 pm

i have posted this 6 times but keep getting internal error so please forgive bad spellnig as i am short on time

i have HOMESTUDIO 2004 and use and EDIROL AUDIO CAPTURE UA-5 USB AUDIO INTERFACE to record with my microhpone. a few years ago i had a computor guy come and successfully transfer not only the program of cakewalk onot my other existing harddrive but also all of my songs so basically, i had two harddrives with the same things on them, in case one gave out.

the computor guy is long gone, and i need to transfer the same information again to my other harddrive, not only just the program, which i believe still exists on both, but the sound files/ songs i have recorded as well.

any help would be desperately greatly appreciated!!

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Re: saving homestudio to two harddrives

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Postby HDB » Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:56 am

Find the folder on the other hard drive and copy and paste stuff over. Or, open two Windows Explorer Windows, and drag from one to the other. We have no idea where he put things. That's your job to find out.

BTW, simply copying a program from one drive to the other is a waste of space. It won't work if your OS drive goes down. There are files in Windows System folder, and scattered all over everywhere else that the program needs to run.

The only way to truly make a backup drive that can be used immediately in an emergency is to clone the drive with Ghost, or some other program that will image the drive. And, even then, it will only bring it back to the last image you made. Anything not saved somewhere other than the crashed drive since will be lost.

In your case, you likely have a program taking up space on that drive that will fail to work if you just try to re-install Windows and drag or copy it over.

It's possible that he cloned the drive, but it doesn't sound like it.

You can't copy and paste a program for backup, unless it's a totally self-contained small application. I assure that any version of Cakewalk is not that.

Good luck,

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