midi question

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midi question

Postby uncle remus » Sun Jan 27, 2008 12:47 am

.....hell-o to all my first post here having read thru numerous post first have not been able to aquire answer to my problem. I am using sonar 4 producer have a project where i recorded tack utilizing"Real Guitar" inseted in fx slot of Ch. 1, Iinserted the necessary"Midi" track at Ch.11recorded track and expoted to wave file. Imported track back in and deleted "Real Guitar" from fx slot on Ch.1 . the midi data from recording is still on track 11, I then open "FL studio"(multi-out) in fx slot of Ch.1 so now the mdi channel(11) that still has data on it to my surprise triggers one of the outputs of my FL studio, and is sounding great, but when i try to convert the dxi track FLstudio to audio the instrument that track 11 is triggering, isn't evident on the coverted track.anyone have any suggestions. input would be greatly appreciated !!
uncle remus
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