Horrible beeps and noises during playback (Vista)

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Horrible beeps and noises during playback (Vista)

Postby rocksteady » Wed May 14, 2008 1:21 am

I just re-installed my CW9 software on Vista and finally got it up and running. But now when I play all the files I've recorded, there are these horrible grinding beep noises peppered sporadically throughout playback, and what's worse is that they're still on my mixed-down WAV files too!

Any ideas??
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Re: Horrible beeps and noises during playback (Vista)

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Postby ComposerTed » Fri May 16, 2008 3:07 am

Could it be your antivirus software? I've noticed that I get pops and click when I play music in XP with the antivirus on (it's less noticeable if the piece has a lot of percussion to drown them out). I can get it to sound just fine by disabling the antivirus (after VERY carefully disabling my connection to the internet to protect from incoming viruses, of course). If might be good to shut down any other software that you don't need running while you are recording/playing too. Antivirus software just seems to be among the worst offenders in terms of tying up system resources.

Or it could be something else. What changed between the time you had it installed and running quiet and the latest installation?
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