CWPA-8 installs but won't launch. Also creates probs with IE

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CWPA-8 installs but won't launch. Also creates probs with IE

Postby hiresdes » Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:03 am

Have been using Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 for YEARS, no problems. Xmas day had to reinstall windows (thank you Bill Gates) XP-Pro SP3, 4GB ram, QuadCore cpu, Creative X-FI, IE7, DX 90c. Hadn't been running CWPA8 since building this new machine last year, but previous machine had XP-Pro, SP2, AMD Athlon XP, 1.5G ram, SB-Live!, IE6, DX 90c. Cakewalk ran fine.
Anyway - after installing (which went OK) on first launch CW asked to profile the sound card, still all OK. BUT after that when trying to launch Cakewalk all I get is the icon in the system tray (which dissappears instantly when I place the mouse over it). ALSO - IE stops playing MP3's on web sites I developed, and crashes. Uninstall CW and restore the registry (backed it up beforehand) and IE plays mp3's again!!! Wierd!!!

PS. Just installed this on my 'old' PC I mentioned above: XP Home (was XP-Pro then, but used the Pro disk for new PC and got Home for this one), SP3 now (was SP2 then), AMD Athlon XP, 1.5G ram, SB-Live!, IE7 (was IE6 then), DX 90c. CWPA-8 works perfectly on this machine!?!?!?!?!?!

Cool, but it's NOT the machine I want the program on.
Tech support at Cakewalk literally non-existant.
Any ideas why the program does not run (and why the simultaneous IE failure to play MP3 from web sites) on the better machine?
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Re: CWPA-8 installs but won't launch. Also creates probs with IE

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audio drivers

Postby rdotproductions » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:57 pm

what profile ar you using? ASIO, MME. ????try switching, in order for all programs to be able to use soundcard you have to have all checks working are the soundcard test<audio profiler
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