Cakewalk version 6 and vista

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Cakewalk version 6 and vista

Post by BP Man » Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:57 am

Hi everyone.
Cakewalk V6 (win95) does all that I need and I'm very happy with it as my midi sequencer :D
Before i buy a new computer can anyone tell me if cakewalk V6 will run on vista and if there is anything I need to be looking for regarding installing it (like 32bit/64 bit ?etc)

I know my way around the software ok, but as far as the operating system of windows goes - I've no idea :oops:

I read the earlier post on Version 3 and its not very reassuring. :?

I've got Sonar Ver3, Finale 2002, Sibelius 5, but as far as midi sequencing goes I've learnt Cakewalk 6 and thats why I want it installed first on my new computer. Will it work? :?:

Anyone - any ideas? experience ? I'd really appreciate your suggestions

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