Sonar 8 and ASIO4all

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Sonar 8 and ASIO4all

Post by amarbolla » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:39 am


Im running Windows 7 (64bit) with SONAR 8 producer edition 64bit.

I am running an Allen and Heath Desk/USB Soundcard and Mixer (zed 12fx). Allen and Heath advise me to use the asio4all and that they do not provide their own driver. This is the driver I have always used and it has worked fine in Sonar before, but now Ableton and Reason are both able to locate and use the driver but Sonar can't see it. Everything worked with this setup in before (I was running Windows Vista). I have tried to install an older version of Sonar but I still have the same problem.

In Reason I can see the ASIO4all Driver under audio settings, but in Sonar I can only find the windows CODEC Driver.

I'd be grateful for anyones help,

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