Cakewalk keyboard compatible with PrintMusic?

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Post by mstrong » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:49 am

I hope this is a fair question for this forum: I recently purchased PrintMusic, the entry-level form of Finale music notation software. Shortly afterward I was given a Cakewalk Home Studio keyboard (no software or other Cakewalk components included) and I am trying to determine if it can be used successfully with Finale products. The keyboard is also missing the DC adapter and MIDI interface cable, so I still need to purchase those vital parts to make the keyboard work. Should I be able to use this Cakewalk keyboard to play into Finale programs, assuming I can locate the correct cables and power cord adapter? Bottom line -- I don't want to purchase a completely new (piano)keyboard unless absolutely necessary, as I would love to see this "recycled" one work if it's both cost-effective and compatible with Finale PrintMusic. Thanks.

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