Problem with mic volume on ua-4fx interface and AKG 3000C co

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Post by jfriesen » Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:17 am

A short while ago I had trouble getting an acceptable volume level indication for my AKG3000C condenser mic on my UA-4FX interface. I took it all into the shop where I purchased it. They hooked it up to their computer and Cakewalk and it worked fine. I took it home and it worked fine. But then the software would not work - there was not playback and no transport bar. I reinstalled everything precisely as per directions and then the transport bar and playback worked. BUT, now, once again, there was only a very low volume level on the interface for my condenser mic.
IT seems the problem is with some kind of input setting (I think) on my Sonar LE softward. ll the drivers are set to Edirol ua-4fx except the latency adjustment box which continues to go back to my in-computer sound card after I enter the Edirol driver name!!!!! I don't know if it matters which driver is set in this box (under Options/audio/advanced/). Can anyone tell me if it makes a difference which driver name is entered?? And if it does, how do I get the Edirol driver to remain in the box???
I really need some help from anyone familiar with the SONAR LE input settings.
PLEASE help.

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