Cakewalk CAL not recording mouse actions

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Post by donjohnson24 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:50 pm

I have been given a copy of Cakewalk 3.0 Professional, and am getting to grips with it to modify MIDI files used on my mechanical organ.
(see )

Having been pointed to the CAL script functionailty, I have tried 'Recording' actions to create a script.

It creates code lines for commands like 'open file', changing a track name, and moving notes by double-clicking in the pianoroll 'keyboard' area and sliding, but does not seem to react to entering/moving/extending notes using the mouse.

Should code be created by these actions, and if so, are there any suggestions as to what I may not have set, or am doing incorrectly ?

I appreciate that the program is now not supported, but it is ideal for use with the simple files used by the organ.

Thanks in advance for any help that may be forthcoming.


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