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New to the site... in a panic.. HELP!!!

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:22 am
by omgitsnickels
So I have a this soundtrack I'm doing for a film that's due this weekend, and I've almost got everything done, until my son slaps the keyboard, and all of the sudden, (probably a hotkey somewhere) disabled every sound i have except for ONE of my symphony vsts and the vocal and sound fx track... my accordion, the OTHER symphony and everything else is just muted suddenly and I can't figure it out... nothing is muted or soloed, and even if you solo the instrument, you don't hear anything. Can someone help asap?? this is making me very nervous and I dont have much time to finish the film... Thanks a bunch!!

PS I don't mean to be a new guy and just post questions without introducing myself, but I was in a hurry and in a panic, lol... But hi :) I am using sonar 8 producer with win7 32 bit, 2 gigs of ram, dell e1705 and a yamaha ypg-635