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Post by Ellsounds » Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:37 pm

I've been using the Dimension Pro, Philharmonik and Sonic Synth plug-ins recently with no problem. Today for no apparent reason on the same file that worked fine before I now have a major 1/2 delay of the MIDI input from my controller keyboard whenever I play a soft synth track. Talk about latency!

It started off fine but when I went to record the problem started. I didn't change any settings. I can play an external module fine, the delay is only on the soft synths. If I reload the program it's fine until I try to record. Similar delay issue with the video!

I'm really not liking this 8.5; my older 2.2 version didn't have as many features but it NEVER gave me problems like this.

No one seems to have any clues as to what is going down so I'll contact Cakewalk directly.

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