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Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:53 pm
by dustee
Following a recent 'CRASH !!!!!'...I have reinstalled MC 2003...the Cakewalk Software which I adore!...
Now I want to load the Virtual Piano (to save time entering data on the Staff
Page !)...
HELP...tells me to enter this from the appropriate root on the CD...However I cannot find anything resembling a virtual piano on the Installation disc..
I am aware that the VP is not compatible with Windows 2000...I am currently working with XP Media Center, and wonder if the same applies ?.
If anyone can help me to solve this problem I really would be obliged..
If not information regarding another compatible Virtual instrumentn would also be appreciated..

As a new Member of your forum, I look forward to annoying you with other
queries i the future... Regards !!!