EVERY driver mode has a problem

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Matthaeus Ebonah
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EVERY driver mode has a problem

Post by Matthaeus Ebonah » Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:45 am

It doesn't matter what driver mode I use its a different problem every time. ASIO (with a Mbox) it freezes. WDM/KS there's a loud "static like" sound when I press play. MME, the latency too low the sound is slow motion. You have to turn it up WAY to high to play in real time....So, I'm sure somewhere DEEP in the forums there's a answer to this...But I haven't found it. Oh, and I'm using a Audigy 2 sound card by Sound blaster. Unless I run ASIO then its the digidesign Mbox.

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Re: EVERY driver mode has a problem

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