Forgive the Cross Post...SONAR 2XL will not start

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Forgive the Cross Post...SONAR 2XL will not start

Postby Turd Ferguson » Wed Oct 22, 2003 2:14 am

OK, the long and short of this is, Installed Sonar 2 XL, both with updates and without several times, and the dang thing will not start....gets to the identifying WDM drivers on the system and then the executable just fades away. I am using Cubase SX as well, a lot of plugins, but I DID try it on a fresh OS install with Sonar as the ONLY app installed. No plugins. NADA. My setup is as follows: Windows xp sp1, Athlon XP 2600+, 1.5 GB DDR RAM, Mobo is Aopen AK778XN, latest BIOS flash installed. M-Audio 1010LT card with latest drivers. At one time Sonar did work but not anymore. Please help me. Thank you. Very much. I mean it. Really. PLEASE?
Turd Ferguson
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Re: Forgive the Cross Post...SONAR 2XL will not start

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Re: Sonar 2XL won't run...

Postby foo » Wed Nov 12, 2003 3:15 am

That proggie doesn't like some WDM drivers. I build puters for a living, and a client wanted a full-out multimedia machine, including video editing and output to VHS tape and a TV tuner. He specified that he wanted any ATI AIW Radeon card.

Sonar 2XL refused to run. Period. Cakewalk customer support (what a cruel joke) told him to ununstall the ATI WDM sound drivers. Yeah, right -- it's OK to watch TV, as long as you don't want to hear the sound, right?

He now has a separate video card and a Pinnacle PCTV Pro tuner/video input card. And Sonar 2XL is running just fine.

Get into Device Manager and look for the Sound video and game controllers section, and look for any WDM drivers. Hope that there is only one such driver/device. Find an equivalent device that doesn't use a WDM driver.

Postby Turd Ferguson » Wed Nov 12, 2003 9:21 am

:D Thanks for your reply. Didnt think anyone would want to answer me. I am gonna try that for sure. Thanks!!!!!
Turd Ferguson
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a fix to this problem

Postby Guest » Sat Mar 06, 2004 1:15 am

Hi. I have an AMD system (2200+) with a M-Audio Omni Studio. I had been using Sonar 2.2 until I recently installed an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600.

I now cannot run Sonar, I assume because of the problem listed above. I paid quite a lot for that ATI card, so am not going to be getting rid of it, so I need to find a fix or get a different piece of software.

So does anyone know a fix? Otherwise, does anyone know of recording software that doesn't have this WDM issue?


ATI Card issues

Postby F@KER » Sat Mar 06, 2004 4:35 pm

...first of all, I believe v3.1.1 addresses this issue. I also had the same problem, I uninstalled the "Rage Theater" component in control panel\system blah blah.. and the "hourglass freeze" was no more and Sonar started just fine :)



Postby F@KER » Sat Mar 06, 2004 4:38 pm

oh yes, I am running dual monitors, USE TV out for video editing purposes blah blah.. In other words, everything works as intended. What the hell are those rage theater drivers for anywayz?


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