missing audio tracks when transferring to new computer

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I'm having a problem with Cakewalk Sonar.
Bought a new computer, and am trying to transfer songs from my old computer to the new one.
Used Sonar 3 Producer on old computer, & am using Sonar 8 Producer on new computer
(which also has Sonar 3 installed).
All songs are stored on an external hard drive from the old computer.
After the transfer, not all of the audio tracks were transferred to the new computer, and their tracks
were blank (no wave display). All of the track parameters were still there (automation, effects, etc.),
but no wave form.
A couple of the audio tracks do transfer, but most of them do not.
I went back to the old computer, & these tracks were there & played fine. So I exported each
of these tracks & saved them to the ext. hd as RIFF waves.
Then, on the new computer, I imported them into Sonar onto the proper tracks, and they
played fine. Then I saved the song & closed out of Sonar.
When I opened the song again, these tracks, that were guitar parts, are now random vocal parts.
Every clip is in its proper spot, but what was a guitar is now a vocal clip. ....very strange.
I also dug around in the old computer and found some "WOV" files. They play on media player and
had all of Sonars guitar tracks on one very long track, same with the vocal tracks...even had the "bad takes",
but I don't know what they are or what they're used for, but I stored them in a folder in the new computer.
I decided to convert them to wave files (Cool Edit Pro), then imported the wave to a new Sonar track.
I then split the track up (making clips), and cut & pasted them to their proper tracks & positions.
Same thing happened when I restarted Sonar, they changed into random vocal tracks.

I could sure use some help on this.
Thanks in advance,

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I am very much aware of these needs.

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