Audio interface not recognised

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Audio interface not recognised

Post by sdjknights » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:19 am

Hi there guys. Just a small question, but a very annoying issue:

So, sometimes I turn my computer on and start up Cakewalk without first turning on my audio interface, which I use as my output. This leads to the dreaded
There are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system.
error message.

Going into preferences, I find that it appears under MIDI devices, already checked, but doesn't appear at all under audio drivers.

I've tried closing and reopening Cakewalk in this scenario, but that doesn't change anything. The only way to get it to recognise the audio interface properly again is to restart my computer, which is obviously very annoying.

So does anyone know of an alternative method that doesn't require a restart almost every time I turn my computer on?

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