Syncing Cakewalk Pro 7.0 with Acid Pro 2.0

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Syncing Cakewalk Pro 7.0 with Acid Pro 2.0

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 07, 2004 8:57 pm

I need to know if someone out there knows if I there is some way to sync in perfect timing my tune which was written in Acid Pro 2.0 program to some vocals that I'd like to record in Cakewalk Pro 7.0.

Wav files are massive and tried importing them from Acid to Cakewalk (rather than syncing) however, by doing this method as their are up 40 tracks of wav files :) it makes system crash even though it P4 2GHz 256 RAM.

Re: Syncing Cakewalk Pro 7.0 with Acid Pro 2.0

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If that can't happen can I Push the vocals over to ACID?

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 08, 2004 12:18 am

Been thinking, if I can't sync Acid and Cakewalk how could I push the vocal wavefiles (treated for eq, volumes etc) back over to Acid Pro. ?

What I would need to do somehow is keep all the vocal takes in each track (recorded in Cakewalk Pro 7.0) in perfect alignment and structure right to the end of the song. Then get them over to Acid Pro 2.0. Game plan is simple - I want to keep control of the sound levels in the music mix but can't seem to get it handled in Cakewalk (as mentioned above), on the flip side of the coin, how do I get my vocals handed over to ACID.

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