Some assistance with CWMC 2003 Registry Issue appreciated!

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Some assistance with CWMC 2003 Registry Issue appreciated!

Post by bAM » Thu Feb 12, 2004 6:25 pm

Hello to whomever is reading this. I have been having this problem for a short time here where I import a MIDI (piano roll type) file and then I want to use Edirol (or anything, really) on it as opposed to the crappy strings included with CW. The "help" file (term s/b used loosely here) keeps talking about some fictitious "Plug-In Menu". I have done everything short of hitting my machine with a sledgehammer in efforts to get any real answers out of it regarding my DXi plug-ins and this ever-elusive Plug-In menu. This menu is simply not there. Even if it were there, yet greyed out... ok fine.. but it's not there.

So on a whim, I try to reinstall only the DXi section of the install files... and what happens? I get this error stating 'CANNOT IMPORT DSDXi_Presets.reg'


So now what I am hoping is that either I can get another copy of this registry file (anyone?) or that some one knows what is in the thing so that I can go into the registry myself and tweak it so that it has all of the info it needs.

I can't even bring up the DXi stuff that comes with the CWMC package (the synths, etc). There isn't a hint of DXi amusement anywhere within my installed program.

Apart from that, everything else seems to be in running order.

Any advice on this one?

Thanks for your time.

Re: Some assistance with CWMC 2003 Registry Issue appreciated!

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Post by andychap » Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:56 pm

I would completely uninstall Cakewalk and then go into regedit and remove the cakewalk folder completely from the H-Key Current Users > Software or use a registry editing program That will get rid of all reference to Cakewalk on you system.

Reinstall The complete program.

The correct procedure for using the Edirol VSC should be to open an audio track first, right click on the FX bin and the menu should appear listing the DXis. Set the output on the midi track to the VSC and then it should play.

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