Pro 8 latency problem?

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Pro 8 latency problem?

Postby Guest » Thu Feb 19, 2004 1:17 pm

Call me insane, but I think I have a problem with my Pro audio 8 set up.
I have a Dell 1gig system, with over 700megs, ram a 7200rpm hard drive,
and a turtle beach sound card.
The problem I'm having is when I simultanious play/record my guitar tracks come in almost 1/2 beat early....consistantly. I have been playing for 15+years most of that time friendly with a metrinome, and this drives me batty. :roll: The other thing that happens is that I can't edit the trakc to line them up later, it like it streches ever so slightly and become progressivly worse.
AM I NUTS please help.

Re: Pro 8 latency problem?

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Postby Guest » Thu Feb 19, 2004 11:35 pm

What have you done thus far to prepare your computer for recording digital audio? What have you tried to adjust in Cakewalk? If not a lot, back out to the "General" heading of this Cakewalk forum, and go down to "Optimization Tips?". There will be several useful links that may pay for you to visit and print some info, and then start tweaking. Use tips that apply to your OS. There are myriad combinations of tweaks and settings that you may have to experiment with for your computer to record satisfactorally.
If you have done most of this stuff, it may pay to do a "Search" for keywords in the various forums. Stuff like "Latency", etc.
It's hard to diagnose a problem without more info and interaction, but these may be good starting points, and may also help to narrow down the problem. You may even stumble across the right combo of things to do much quicker than waiting for a definitive answer. At the least, it could help you recognize the most important information to include in seeking help.
Have patience. I've learned a lot of this stuff the hard way, but once I discover my bonehead mistakes, I rarely make them again, and it gets easier to diagnose problems. This stuff is worth knowing if you want to use your computer effectively for recording. Once you get it set up and understand it, most of the nagging doubts will subside, thus making it easier to use the half of your brain that is creative, instead of the half that is always cursing the computer :lol:
Good luck,

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