Problems with the fw1884 control surface

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Problems with the fw1884 control surface

Postby Salmacis » Fri Jun 11, 2004 3:10 am

I'm using the Tascam FW 1884 in Sonar. Most of it works fine, except for one thing. The Tascam is losing communication of some commands between Sonar and the control surface. For example, i'm recording some midi elements. Then, when I try to arm a track or mute, solo it, it's not synchronized anymore with Sonar. The leds are not lighting up on the machine but the command is still sent. It goes like this as long as I don't remove the FW1884 from the control surfaces list and put it back again.

It's very unpleasant, please, help me with this issue. Can it be a conflict between the midi ports in the built-in midi interface of the Fw1884? I don't know.



Re: Problems with the fw1884 control surface

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Postby GretscGuy » Fri Jun 11, 2004 9:56 am

This is from a guesy posted a few months ago:

First, upon the original driver install off the CD, I messed up. The drivers set up in 2 "steps", the hardware wizard will install 2 drivers, one for the FW184 and one for the FE-8. Let it do it's thing, twice then restart.

Go to: ... roduct=269 and get the latest drivers, the latest version last time I was there was v1.10b, the second from the bottom. In fact, grab all the related drivers and manuals and burn them to cd for future use .

Note that it is recommended to do a "clean uninstall" if you are having problems, as you are. Follow the "win_clean_uninstall_e.pdf" step by step.

Now, install the v1.10b drivers, "fw1884_win_install_1_10b_qfe.exe", this includes installing a Hotfix blah blah, or a popup will state that it is already installed, good, move on. Restart when prompted.

One of those files you downloaded is, "firmware updater v145.49", connect your 1884 to your computer's firewire slot, turn it on and run the updater. Now both the fw1884 hardware and your puter are set.

Next, install the "fw1884_sonar_installer_1_10.exe", now the Sonar software is also ready.

NB: READ the "fw1884_sonar_note_1_00.pdf" to configure Sonar properly. I left the FW1884 setting to the default "native" settings, all I changed was the resolution to 96khz. Note that any time you change a setting in the FW1884 control panel, you must restart Sonar for the changes to take effect.

As the Sonar pdf states, select the FW1884 control surface in the contol surfaces menu, select all the inputs and outputs in the midi devices menu, and under tools, check that the fw1884 is there. You are now good to go.

If the 1884 and Sonar "lose" communication, try either opening and closing the select midi devices menu, or just sestart Sonar AND the FW1884. This works for me.

Hope it helped
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Postby Axeman » Fri Jul 16, 2004 3:28 am

What he said! LOL

Works for me too.
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