How do I manage the wave data folder

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How do I manage the wave data folder

Post by Aron » Wed Jul 21, 2004 9:49 am

My wave data folder in cakewalk pro audio 9 has 7 gigs worth of wave files in it. some i need cause im still working withe the files and some i don't and my hard drive is getting full but i don't no wich one i can delete unless i listen to each on and theres hundreds.

there must be a better way to manage those files or at least identify them.

is there somthing in save as im missing cause i just save the file if it's audio as the normal option and i guess it just defaults to the data folder in the cakewalk folder.

I'm using pro audio 9.0 if anybody can help.

thanks : Aron

Re: How do I manage the wave data folder

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Post by GretscGuy » Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:31 am

WOW 7 Gigs! Everytime someone finishes a project at my studio, I save the file as a .bun file (includes audio). I store them on a DVD/RW disc.

This way my discs stay clean and empty and if someone wants to come in to work on/remix a track, I load the files up from the dvd. I just transfer the waves to my pc as it performs better than a disc.

The DVD/RW's that I use hold 4.7GB and only cost a buck or two. DVD/RW drives are coming way down in price. I like the RW ones for this application becaue you can add to it as more people come in.

In your case, you could fit all your waves on 2 dvds. When you launch your Cakewalk files, it will complain you don't have the waves, but you could just browse to the file on your dvd (take note of the wav name) and copy it over to your pc.

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