Help using Battery in Sonar

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Help using Battery in Sonar

Post by storm » Sat Feb 14, 2004 5:03 pm

When I use battery as DXI in Sonar, I don't see the interface or have anyway of getting any sound from Battery. Please help with using Battery with Sonar. I would like to use session drummer and have Battery make the drum sounds instead of using midi sounds.


Re: Help using Battery in Sonar

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Post by bbarnes » Sat Feb 14, 2004 5:13 pm

Insert battery as a DXi synth in the synth rack. Double click battery in the synth rack to open it. Load your kit from the battery file menu. Close battery. Insert the session drummer midi plugin into the midi track that was created when you inserted battery into the synth rack. Select the pattern in session drummer and click the play button in the sonar transport bar. Your session drummer should now play through battery.



Post by Guest » Sat Feb 14, 2004 6:36 pm

After I double click Battery in the synth rack it doesn't display Battery's interface it only has NI Battery and presets shown. Battery opens fine when I open the program by it self and not through Sonar.

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look closely

Post by gjohung » Tue Nov 02, 2004 8:50 am

When you add DXI instruments, Sonar creates 2 tracks. A Midi Tract and a DXI instrument track.

Double click on the DXI track over the input box - should display Battery. Or in the DXI intrument rack. Double click on the Battery rack or...while battery is selected click on 3rd button on top. The properties button...

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