could use some help

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could use some help

Post by Guest » Thu May 06, 2004 4:17 pm

Ok, let me start of by saying that I know nothing about anything and everyone knows something that I don't.

That said, I have purchased and installed Home Studio XL 2004.
I have also purchased and installed the Delta 66 Omni i/o.

Now, I finally figured out how to get sound (music cd's and computer defaults) processed through the delta by changing the configuration settings in the computer.

However, When I open Home Studio (HS) and lets say I play back a drum track or whatever, it will not go through the delta. It comes through the speakers just fine when I change the settings, but not the Delta.

Also, nothing that I plug into the delta computes with HS. What is going on? I'm sure this is a simple fix. One thing that I did do was went to Options-Midi in HS and the delta is not listed. Don't know if this is relevant, but thought I would throw it in.

I also have a Fostex VF80cd and am considering just going back to that at this point. I am so frustrated. (I have been spoiled with plug-n-play) Perhaps that feeling will subside now that finals are over and I have "some" time to play.

Can anyone help. Perhaps someone out there is willing to share some trade secrets on recording via HS and delta--I could sure use them. I am dying to get something down. My goal is a personal one, but I still want a "do-it-ur-self" "professional" sound. I realize this is an oxymoron but.....

thanks for anyone who willing to help....


Re: could use some help

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Post by croberts » Thu May 06, 2004 4:19 pm

I am the above and for some reason it posted under "guest"

sorry for the confusion

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Post by HDB » Fri May 07, 2004 10:49 pm

When you say you can't hear drum tracks, do you mean recorded wav, sample-triggered by MIDI, or just plain old MIDI?

You said when you change settings, you can hear it through the speakers. Is there any other sound devices in your system, and if so, what are they, and are they connected to a mixer or something along with the Delta?

I don't know why the Delta MIDI I/O doesn't show up in HS. I imagine you may get into it about the same as regular ol' Cakewalk, so did you go to "Options?>"MIDI Devices", to see if it's there?
If it's there did you highlight the Input and the Output, and "Move Selected Devices To The Top", if you have more than one output selected? Then did you select it in the "Port" of your Track View window?

Are you expecting the Omni to act like a General MIDI soundcard synth? Not sure, but I don't think it will do that, although you could probably pass triggered samples through it. (Confirmation, anyone?)

Double-check all this stuff, and let us know your progress. I may have missed something obvious, or ain't right about the Omni, but that's all I can think of with the info I had.

Good luck,
HDB 8)

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Post by croberts » Sun May 09, 2004 7:05 pm

Sorry HDB I may need to clarify a little more.

As long I as go to:

1) My Computer
2) Sounds, Speach and Audio Devices
3) Sounds and Audio Devices
4) Audio

Then under [Sound Playback--Default Device] and [Sound Recording--Default Device] it gives me the option to choose the following:

1)Delta 66
2)Modem #0 Line Playback
3)SB Audigy Audio [CECO]

#1 is selected currently

This is applicable to both Sound and Recording; however, in this same window it has Midi Music Playback options as well and these choices are different:

1) SB Audigy Synth A [CECO]
2) SB Audigy Sw Synth [CECO]
3) SB Audigy Synth B [CECO]
4) Microsoft GS Wavetable Sw Synth

#1 is the one selceted at this point.

Now aside, I have to admit I do not know "midi" that well---if you have a site that has a 'nuts and bolts' version worth spending some time at that would help me over and over.

Now, with all that when I play a CD on the computer I can hear it through the computer speakers (if Delta is not chosen) or my monitor headset plugged into the Delta (as long as Delta is chosen). The same holds true for all the computer sounds etc. And in answer to the Drum Track (Wav files) question this would be heard at this point as well---as long as everything is played through the computer.

Where I am running into issues is the minute I open Home Studio (HS) I hear nothing, nada, zip, whether it is via CD, Drum Tracks, etc. The only way for me to hear anything (basically, drum tracks that I have imported into HS from a CD) through HS is to change the settings mentioned above to "SB Audigy Audio [CECO] and hear it through the computer speakers. However, it is important to point out that I can still not hear anything that is ran through the Delta, i.e. guitar, vocals etc.

As far as the settings in HS are concerned, when I go to HS and Options, then MIDI Devices I have 3 items listed:

1) SB Audigy Synth A [CECO]
2) SB Audigy Synth B [CECO]
3) Microsoft MIDI Mapper

#1 & #2 are highlighted. Delta is not here. I do not know if this is where it should be listed or not.

What my goal is, is to hit record in HS with my guitar, vocals etc plugged into the Delta, while monitoring through the headset, then to playback, loop etc just as one would do with a 4 or 8 Track machine. Perhaps this is impossible. But I would hope not.

I would also imagine that I could run my Fostex through the omni and monitor that way, but I would think this is not necessary.

In case it helps I am running XP.

I hope this provides more information for those who can help.


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