Very old WRK file collection -- anyone know about it?

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Very old WRK file collection -- anyone know about it?

Postby TerraEpon » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:31 pm

This is an extreme shot in the dark, especially given the apparently activity on this forum, but I've been looking for this for years...

Way back when -- WAY back when Cakewalk was DOS only, Twelve Tone Systems sold some collections of wrk files (at least I'm pretty sure they were WRK and not Midi, may have had both). I vaguely remember them being called "Romero Collection" or something similar to that nature. There were two volumes -- the first came with a large bound booklet that talk about the music in good detail, while the second had a much smaller book.
I remember the first had the following pieces:
-All 15 Bach Two-Part Inventions
-Promenade from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (probably the Ravel orchestration)
-Prelude from Debussy's L'Enfant prodigue (which I remember the book describing the 'sequence itself is famous')
-An original 1st movement of a concerto (or maybe full concerto) in Classical period style, both piano and harpsichord versions
-A lively tune simply called "Festival"
-A piece called something like "Coming to America" but having nothing to do with the movie....sounded like a news theme maybe?

The second volume had all of Bach's Three-Part Sinfonias....don't remember anything beyond that.

I think the first one came on 5.25" floppies and the second on 3.5"

Does anyone know ANYTHING of what I'm talking about? Or even, somehow, actually have the collection? If nothing else, I'd love to know the contents of the first volume for piece of mind (to resolve "oh THAT's where I first heard that!" sort of things).
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Re: Very old WRK file collection -- anyone know about it?

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Re: Very old WRK file collection -- anyone know about it?

Postby unntofas » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:54 am

I agree with this opinion.
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